The #TwitterLove Story By Phil Benson

After the birth of my granddaughter a couple of years ago I was in the search for a gift for her. So decided to use twitter for my shopping experience as I had used before to great success. I came across LullabyBaby GIfts.
I had met a few other Tweeps from local fairs and of course the inaugural
#SBS event 2012.
All lovely followers I have, it's an extended family in a way.
Alison accepted my invite and duly booked herself a nice B&B close to the seafront for a few days R and R.
We arranged to meet at the entrance to the pier and took a walk along the pier and seafront just chatting about 'stuff'.
We sort of new each others background from the tweets and DM's and I have to say from the first few words spoken were both so comfortable in each others company.
So comfortable in fact that we arranged to meet the next day !!
Things progressed rapidly in the following weeks. Weeks turned to months and eventually while walking along the same seafront that we met, with the pier just a few steps away, the sun shining, the sound of the waves softly in the background......I proposed.
The immediate smile answered my question and there were no doubts in our mind from that moment on, our lives had changed for the better. We now look forward to lots more walks on the seafront, hand in hand, a union of families. But more importantly being able to share our lives.

@Alisonbe4 & @Philbe4