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What it’s really like being a Twitter Chat Host & have you got what it takes?


Even though I’m a regular tweeter and I do this for a living when it came to my first time as host for
#Tweetursis networking hour I was really nervous. I’d done my homework, I’d spread the word to my network
and I had the support & encouragement from Mrs Tweet Ur Biz & Tweet Ur Biz UK owner John Toal. But…
what if no-one turned up? What if I spent 60 minutes tweeting myself?

Oh dear…. I was a little scared!
Well I had nothing to fear, as soon as that minute hand hit 9pm BOOM! everyone was there saying hello,
introducing themselves, connecting and having a jolly lovely time.
And lucky me! I had the privilege of being Queen of Mrs Tweet Ur Biz! Wahoooo!! It truly felt like I was Queen
bee with a swarm of bees all buzzing around me, each one bursting with energy and excitement. If you’ve not
had the opportunity to take part in a twitter chat hour yet then this really does give you a good idea of what it is
like. Imagine a mass of bees buzzing around Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! Every Bzzz is a tweet amongst their bee family network.
By 10pm I was literally frazzled! It has the intensity and speed of a Formula 1 race!.............

You need to think quickly and be a bit of a pro at saying everything in 140 characters or less!
The feel good factor you get from being the connector and bringing all these amazing talented female small biz
owners together is awesome! Well now you’ve got the opportunity to have a slice of the pie yourself! How
would you like to be the next Mrs Tweet Ur Biz? We’re looking for Guest Hosts, so for 7 days you get to be the
Not sure if you’ve got what it takes? Sure you have! From someone who’s been there and done it I know you can.


Here are my top 5 tips to being a super duper host:

  • Be organised and plan in advance. Are you going to have a topic/focus for the hour?

  • Think up 34 questions you can ask people to keep conversations going in case you get stuck for what to say

  • Schedule some tweets to go out during your hour. For example remind people there is just 10 minutes

left or tell everyone about the small business that has been nominated as #StarBiz.

  • Don’t forget the hashtag! Use #Tweetursis in EVERY tweet.

  • Get used to Twitter speak, abbreviating words and being precise and punchy with what you want to say!

  • You’ve only got 140 characters (including your hashtag of course!)

  • Be yourself, be natural & be friendly. Just be how you would at a party, although there’s no cocktails!

Tweetursis Networking "Feeling The Buzz"
Tweetursis Networking "Feeling The Buzz"
Tweetursis Networking "Feeling The Buzz"
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