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Nic Creen Agency

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My name is Nicola Creen. I have been modelling for years, I decided to enter Top Model UK in London in 2011 and was delighted I made it as a finalist! I had to take the heartbreaking decision of pulling out as I was also selected as a finalist for Miss Scotland Caledonia, which I then went on to win.


I am also a qualified make-up artist. I have a genuine passion for helping people acheieve their maximum potential and believe you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I thouht I would use everything I have learned over the years and set up my school Nicola Creen Model & Make up School and now Agency.


The business launched in february this year and is going fro strength to strength with countless testimonials from happy graduates!! 


I now teach all over scotland and manage to fit in one day a week another job  really love and that is a radio DJ with Radio InverClyde (Fridays 12-1pm),  What better way to start my busy weekends than playing my fave tracks on the radio!!


Offering the following service:


  •  modelling courses

  • make-up courses

  • make-overs

  • princess parties plus so much more


Get in touch for more website coming soon! - Coming Soon!!

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