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Here at L & R Clothing we stock a range of childrens clothes, dress up/fancy dress clothes, toys, new baby gifts and a small selection of Cloth Nappies & fleece soakers made by me!!


L & R Clothing was created and named after my two granddaughters Lily and Ruby, Ruby has been in hospital from she was a day old due to a condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy & will require a heart transplant. 

Due to her condition this website has been created and 25p from each and every sale will be donated to The Childrens Heartbeat Trust who have not only helped my daughter but do lots of great things for other families in similar situations.

L & R Clothing is an online shop, selling Baby Clothes & Cloth Nappies at affordable prices
Lots of great bargains online
To The Rescue Themed BodySuits - 0-3 Months
Apple Cheeks Nappies
Happy hedgehog Fleece
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