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Reynard City is an online comic and the first title from Polycomical Studios (, a group dedicated to young and emerging creative talent. While we want Reynard City to be a success we also hope it encourages other creative talents to come forward and become part of the Polycomical team.

Reynard City itself is best described as a surreal superhero comedy drama. On the surface it sounds like a typical 90's cartoon- Three superhero foxes come to Earth to stop an evil robot fox. However these three include AK Girl (a psychic vixen who inflates on contact with caramel), Wondervixen (A former beauty queen with body image issues and a dark secret) and Hyper Rob (The son of a gangster who created their robot nemesis!)

The story features many bizarre enemies ranging from a megalomaniac tycoon, an ex-caterer with a grudge and a flamboyant Mexican stalker who may or may not be imaginary.


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