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Sue Roche has a  passion for watercolours.

For as long as she can remember she has  used art to express her ideas.

She takes her inspiration from the natural world around her.

Very interestingly she works out of a brick and wood constructed art studio at the bottom of her  garden, which has been newly extended with wooden flooring and freshly painted walls.

As you can imagine her  hideaway contains plenty of wonderful quirky and colourful pieces of handcrafted art which she  loves to collect. 

She uses an old oak drawing desk, a 1950s school desk and her  fathers Victorian mahogany chair.

Her inspiration comes from nature that is all around her. As much wildlife frequent her garden.

Everything is handmade and to very high exacting standards.

Her ideas are sketched onto quality watercolour paper, using her  favourite fine liner to outline the  design only, of course , when  she is completely happy with it.

Then using using the highest  quality watercolour paints she then adds the last minute details, such as grass, flowers and shrubbery to bring he  scenes to life in very vibrant way.

Each finished item is packaged with love and care, ready for either gift giving or for  keeping for a special occasion at a later .

Sue is very happy to buy handmade and is happy to work with other similar artists to make new ideas come to life, such as her brand new colouring books.

Her tableware is made by using a process known as sublimation.

The designs are scanned, printed and placed into a machine in order that they can be glazed  using high temperatures. This makes the finished product not only dishwasher proof  but  long lasting.

Finally they are  packaged in gift boxes, with  Sue’s very own  custom stamp and wrapped safely to ensure that they reach you in pristine  condition. 

You can contact her here  Sue Roche Art


Sue Roche Art

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