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Supporting Eileen Smith Foundation
Supporting Cancer Charity "Eileen Smith Foundation"& treat yourself or someone else to sweeties, & £1 donated directly to the foundation
Supporting Eileen Smith Foundation

Did you Know ?


In the Middle Ages rich people ate “sweets” made from jelly and dried fruit and wafers made from batter.


The Tudors ate gingerbread, sugared almonds and Marzipan, a paste made of almonds and sugar, as sugar became cheaper during the 19th century boiled sweets were developed.

Other favourites of the time included peanut brittle (1890), candy floss (1897) and Liquorice Allsorts (1899)


Modern marshmallows were invented around 1850 and fudge was first made in the USA in the 1880s.


People have chewed gum from trees for centuries but chewing gum was first made commercially in 1848.


Jelly babies were launched by Bassett’s in 1918 as “Peace Babies” to mark the end of the First World War.


The world’s largest lollipop was certified on June 25, 2002, It weighed 4,031 lbs and was more than 15 feet tall with stick - about the height of a giraffe – and was cherry flavoured

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