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By Haley Miller


"Tiny Plate, Tiny Waist is the diet and exercise plan that is more enjoyable and fun!"

The topic of weight loss is at the front of many people’s minds.  Americans are heavier than ever and many feel they need to change, but are unsure of how to go about it.  Some people are lost at the grocery store and have no idea how to identify healthy vs. unhealthy choices.  Many people are not taught how to cook healthy foods before moving out on their own and find themselves at fast food restaurants every night.  They reap a body that looks like they eat fast food every night.  Some people know just a few healthy recipes and find themselves eating junk food out of boredom.  Some people are literally starving themselves to simplify their lives.  They feel that diets are too difficult and they would rather just not eat.  How can you expect to have a healthy body if you are starving yourself?

Healthy foods do not have to be boring and you do not have to (nor should you) starve yourself to be thin.

Release your creativity at dinner without counting calories!!! 

The options are endless!

List Price: $14.99

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Tiny Plate Tiny Waist
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